Election Polls in Germany

Interactive chart showing the development of election poll results over the last years.

Going for Growth

Visualization of OECD's Going for Growth report 2017.

Right-wing parties in Germany

A detailed analysis of right-wing voters over the past 25 years.

End of the year review

Review with favorite articles of the NZZ editors.

PISA Visualization

Interactive map of the PISA Studies 2016.

Coalition Agreement

Visual and annotated analysis of Berlins coalition agreement.

House of Representatives of Berlin

Filterable overview of the new representatives

Berlin Marathon 2016

Visualization of 37127 runners of the Berlin marathon.

Election map 2016

Interactive map and analysis of Berlins latest election.

Paths to win an election

Under which circumstances can political parties win a district?

Voters migration 2016

How parties have exchanged voters in the latest election.

Candidate distances

How far are political candidates living from their voters?


Support the underdog of EURO16 with a HUH!

Slow travel in Switzerland

How far can you travel by feet or bike in Switzerland?

Fastest ways from Berlin to its lakes

The map shows all lakes near Berlin and how you get there.

Euro16 Oracle

Who will win Euro 2016? Let our data-driven oracle tell you.

How green German cities really are

Satellite imagery analysis of German cities.

How influenced are Swiss universities?

A visualization of third party influences to universities in Switzerland.

How refugee routes to Europe are changing

A timeline of political events that are influencing migrants paths in Europe.

Who is fighting whom in Syria?

This simplified visualization shows how complex the situation in Syria is.

How refugees live in Berlin

See the different accommodations in VR.

Cycleways in Berlin

See how bike(un)friendly the streets of Berlin are.

Streets of Zurich

A tool for exploring data of streets in Zurich.

Map of new Berliners

The map shows how many people from other cities are living in Berlin.

Paris 2015: The Factions

A visualization of the coaliton parties negotiating at the Climate Change Conference.

Berlin's new Skyline

This 3D-interactive shows how Berlin will look like in the future.


An interactive journey. How united is Germany today?

Berlin Noisemap

A map showing 4M noise points in Berlin.

Refugees in Germany

Data visualizations about how many Refugees came to Germany.

Refugees in Berlin

Data visualizations about how many Refugees came to Berlin.

10 out of 800,000

Ten refugees are telling their stories about how they came to Germany.

Freehold flats in Germany

Map visualization of how long you have to pay for a feehold flat.

Europe's Population

Where the population of Europe is growing – and where it’s declining.

Champions League Final

A visualization of the players who aspire to win the title.


An extended version of the famous JavaScript library for visualization.

End of World War II

Survivors are telling how they experienced the end of WWII in Berlin

Berlin – 1945 and today

See how Berlin has changed since the end of WWII.

Flat-prices in Berlin

This map shows how much you have to pay for a flat.

TTIP - The dealers

A visualization of the TTIP negotiaters.

Party donations

This interactive shows how much companies donate to parties in Germany.

Measles in Berlin

How measles have spread during the latest outbreak.


Continously updated page of the Berlin-airport construction progress.

React Starterkit

A lightweight starting point for web-applications with React.

Interactive police-ticker

A concept of how to present police reports on a news-site.

Anxiety disorders in Europe

This map shows the amount of people having fears in Europe.

Rents in Berlin

An interactive chart showing the fast-rising rents in the german capital.


This interactive takes you on a journey with berlins most famous bus-route.

#DDJ Catalogue

A collection of data-driven journalism projects from Germany.

The Unseen

Multimedia project about homeless people.

Native and new Berliners

How the S-Bahn Ring divides the city.

The scar of the city

Interactive journey along the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Iconfont

Custom Iconfont with Berlin Shapes


Car-distribution in Germany visualized on an interactive map.


Criminal statistics of Berlin visualised on a map.

Tempelhofer Feld

3D Visualization of the planned buildings at the Tempelhofer Feld.

Flightpathes Talkie

Map visualization of low altitude flights over Berlin.


This map tells you how much money you have to spend in different areas of the city.


A self-updating article with visualizations of fine-dust measurements.