data visualization

Brexit in interactive maps and charts

This morning, Britain voted to leave the European Union. Here are some maps and charts that show the referendum results and what consequences might follow.

Financial Times: EU referendum results

Detailed breakdown of the referendum results in an interactive map as well as charts for every regional poll.


Reuters: Britain votes to leave EU

Interactive map of the referendum results.


The New York Times: How Britain voted in the E.U. Referendum

A static map of referendum results with focus on London.


Wall Street Journal: ‘Brexit’ Referendum

Live results from the referendum with focus on stock development.


The Guardian: EU referendum results in full - find out how your area voted

Live map of the results as well as scatter plots with demographic data.


NZZ: Alle Resultate aus Grossbritannien auf einen Blick

Map of results plus some charts with more detailed findings.


The New York Times: What Is Driving the ‘Brexit’ Debate, and What a ‘Leave’ Vote Could Mean

Some charts that explain what could happen if Britain leaves the EU.


Financial Times: A people divided

Scatter plot of voting results vs. education.

Quartz: World currencies are tanking on Brexit, but bitcoin is surging

Chart that shows how Bitcoin price is increasing whereas most other currencies are weakening.


NZZ: Map of voter participation