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Berlin’s New Skyline
An interactive 3D map that shows how fast the city is growing.
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Who Will Win the European Championship?
This app creates data-driven predictions for the European Football Championship.
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How Swiss Universities Are Influenced by Third Parties
An interactive visualization that shows all the links between universities and professors to third-party companies.
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More than 25 years ago Germany was reunited. Have a look at this interactive journey, to see how united the country is today.
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Where Europe's Population Is Growing

This map of Europe shows information about the population on a granular level and shows growth and decline.

Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria?

This simplified visualization shows the complexity of the situation in Syria.

Federal Election Polls in Germany

Interactive charts that show the development of election polls in Germany over the last couple of years.

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07 November 2017

npm tips & scripts!

In this article we cover some useful tips and tricks about how to use npm.

09 October 2017

Plugin: Swoopy Arrows For Leaflet Maps

We created a plugin that helps you to create customizable swoopy arrow annotations on top of Leaflet maps.

26 September 2017

German Election Dataviz Recap

A collection of various dataviz projects for the German federal election 2017.