Where german parties can rely on their voters

    The evaluation of all german general elections since 1990 shows the communities in which the parties have always achieved their strongest results - and the factors that make up these strongholds.
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    Draw Switzerland
    How good are you at drawing Switzerland?
    Lines of Berlin
    Poster with 2250 line charts of our 'Berlin At Your Line' project.
    Drone Flights
    Visualization and analysis of drone flights of the Swiss Armed Forces.
    Berlin at Your Line
    Plotting data against public transportation stops.
    Larsen C
    Interactive comparison of Larsen C iceberg with your location.
    Google Search & News Research
    Browser plugin for detecting Google's personalization and filter algorithms.
    Federal Election Polls in Germany
    Interactive charts that show the development of election polls in Germany over the last couple of years.
    Going for Growth
    Based on the data of OECD's 'Going for Growth' report 2017, this interactive map shows structural reforms in different countries.

      This is where Germany votes for the right-wing

      It's a common assumption that mostly in Eastern Germany people vote for right wing parties. To show the development over the last years, we created an interactive map that shows the results of elections on a highly detailed level. To give deeper insights, the visualisation differentiates between extreme right and right populist parties.
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      Berlin Senate Check
      Use this graphic to find out how many of the issues from the program presented by the senate have been dealt with after 100 days.
      Middle Class Atlas
      Have a look at the development of the middle class in Germany using this series of bar charts.
      Interactive End-of-Year Review
      A well-structured overview about a selection of the NZZ editors' favourite articles written in 2016 with comments.
      Baby Boom in Berlin
      Have a look at these visualizations that show how many babys were born in which Berlin district over the years.
      PISA 2015
      This interactive map let's the user explore the results of the PISA report 2015 by OECD and displays information about the different indicators per country.
      A fun way to explore the lifestyle of people from Hessen and find out how much it matches your own.
      Coalition Agreement
      By visually highlighting important sections and providing additional information, the agreement becomes more compehensible.
      Berlin's Representatives
      An overview of the newly elected representatives that can be filtered by different parameters like age, district or political experience.

        Who will win the European Championship?

        The NZZ Oracle is a data-driven application that was created for the European Championship 2016. Based on different parameters that can be set by the user, the app creates a prediction for the possible outcome of the tournament. The algorithm for the calculation of the result can be found on github.
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        Berlin Marathon
        Displaying all runners of the Berlin Marathon 2016, this map unfolds the detailed course of the race.
        The Formula for Electoral Victory
        To show the conditions that help parties to win an election, we created a decision-tree-like visualisation.
        Berlin Election Map 2016
        This map breaks down the results of the 2016 election in Berlin and provides detailed information on ward level.
        Voters Transition in Berlin
        This interactive sankey chart gives insights into the migration of voters in Berlin during the 2016 election.
        These Candidates Live Furthest Away From Their Voters
        Some of the candidates for the Berlin House of Representatives live far away from their election district. This project shows who they are.
        Slow Travel in Switzerland
        Set a starting point for your trip in Switzerland and find out how far you can travel in an hour by bike or foot.
        Your Quickest Way to the Lake
        A useful map that helps Berliners to find the quickest way from any starting point in the city to the closest lake.
        Support Iceland, the underdog of EURO16, with a 'Huh!'


        Wetter.com Map Relaunch
        Developing a new structure for maps and relaunch of some map applications for the wetter.com website.
        These Are Germany's Greenest Cities
        An analysis of satellite images of Germany helped to create a ranking of the greenest cities in the country and a beautiful map.
        How Are Refugee Routes to Europe Changing?
        Have a look at this timeline to see the correlations between political events and migrants' paths to Europe on a map.
        Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria?
        This simplified visualization shows the complexity of the situation in Syria.
        This Is How Refugees Live in Berlin
        A virtual reality project that shows different accomodations for refugees in Berlin.
        Cycleway Check
        Inspired by the idea to establish cycleways in Berlin's main streets by referendum, this map shows where bike path's are missing.
        In the Streets of Zurich
        This tool let's you explore each of Zurich's 2505 streets and gives information about its name and history.
        Where Do Berliners Really Come From?
        Native Berliners are a minority in Germany's capital. This map helps you to find out, where people living in Berlin really come from.

          This is how Swiss universities are influenced by third parties

          A lot of universities in Switzerland maintain relationships to third party influencers. This visualisation shows all the links between universities and professors to companies. It gives an overview about the relations in each university and detailed information about each connection.
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          This Is How Long You Have to Pay for a Freehold Flat
          Using this tool, you can calculate the amount of time needed to pay for your appartment by setting your income and the flat size.
          UN Climate Change Conference: The Factions
          The 195 states participating in the Paris climate change conference have different interests. This visualization shows you what these are.
          More than 25 years ago Germany was reunited. Have a look at this interactive journey, to see how united the country is today.
          Where Refugees Are Accomodated in Germany
          A data visualiszation that shows where the refugees in Germany come from and where they live.
          Refugees in Berlin
          In 2016, there were less refugees in Berlin than before the refugee crisis. This set of graphics gives you detailed insights.
          10 Out of 800,000
          In this project, ten of the thousands of refugees living in Berlin and Brandenburg are telling their stories.
          Where Europe's Population Is Growing
          This map of Europe shows information about the population on a granular level and shows growth and decline.
          Champions League 2015
          See the players of the two teams playing the Champions League 2015 final at a glance and rank them by various parameters.

            Berlin’s new Skyline - Where the city grows in height

            To show how fast Berlin is growing, we created an interactive 3D map of the city. It let's you explore the plans for new buildings and gives you an idea of how Berlin will change. Also, you can go on a time travel through the capital and compare the skylines of 1990, today and the future.
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            The End of World War II in Berlin
            Survivors are telling how they experienced the end of WWII in Berlin.
            Berlin 1945 and Today
            See how Berlin has changed since the end of World War II by playing around with this interactive photo gallery.
            Flat Prices in Berlin - Where Can You Afford to Live?
            This project shows a personalized map of areas you can afford to live in.
            TTIP - the Dealers
            An interactive analysis of the TTIP dealers makes their interests more transparent.
            Party Donations
            In 2013 companies have donated 24 million euros to parties. This chart shows who gave how much money to whom.
            Construction Progress of the BER
            Visit the continuously updated page to stay informed about the building progress of the Berlin airport.
            Extend the famous d3 library for data visualizations with useful jQuery-like helper functions.
            React Starterkit
            A lightweight starting point for web applications using React.

              How noisy is your neighbourhood?

              The noise level in some parts of Berlin is designated hazardous to health. In this project we created an interactive map of the city that shows where the noise level is particularly high at a glance. It also provides additional information about the different sources of noise such as road traffic, public transportation and airplanes.
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              Interactive Police-Ticker
              This projects is a concept to present police reports on a news site.
              Measles in Berlin
              How have measles spread in Berlin during the last outbreak? This graphic gives you an overview.
              #DDJ Catalogue
              A growing and regularly updated collection of data-driven journalism projects from Germany.
              That's How Rents in Berlin Rise
              This chart shows the development of increasing rents in the German capital since 2009.
              M29 - the Bus Line of Varieties
              This interactive takes you on a journey through the German capital in Berlins most famous bus line.
              Berlin Iconfont
              This custom iconfont makes it easy to include the shapes of Berlin districts in your project.
              Anxiety Disorders in Europe
              Germany ranks amongst the top states when it comes to anxiety disorders in Europe. This map helps to compare between all countries.
              The Unseen
              In this multimedia project homeless people living in Berlin are telling their stories.

                Native and New Berliners

                Berlin is a city that is constantly growing and changing, mostly because of the people who live there. To show where Berliners really come from and how this has changed over the last years, we created a set of visualisations that give comprehensive insights and information about the capital's diverse population.
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                The Scar of the City
                1989 and today - Discover what's left of the Berlin Wall in this interactive tour through the capital.
                Crime in Berlin - How Dangerous Is Your Neighbourhood?
                In 2013 more than 500.000 crimes were reported in Berlin. Use this map to see where they took place.
                Car Atlas
                The distribution of cars in Germany visualized on an interactive map.
                Fine Dust Monitor
                Based on data from eleven measure stations in Berlin, these self-updating charts show the concentration of fine dust in the city.
                Tempelhofer Feld 3D
                This visualization shows what the Berlin senate is planning to build on the area of the Tempelhofer Feld.
                Flight Routes Radar
                Discover where the paths of low altitude flights run through Berlin.
                Where Can You Afford to Live in Berlin?
                This map of Berlin tells you how much money you have to spend on living in different areas of the city.