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React Flow

A highly customizable React.js library for building node-based editors and diagrams

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Christopher Möller
Moritz Klack
While working on a side project, we discovered that there are several libraries for building node-based visualizations. Unfortunately, non of them was flexible enough and had all the features that we needed, so we decided to build our own. That way we could have the full control over the way our interactive graphs are rendered.
As we were already developing the renderer for our interactive graph in its own package, it was obvious to us that we could publish it to npm as well. That's how we started with our open source library react-flow.
You can chose between different node and edge types in react-flow
You can chose between different node and edge types in react-flow
Some of the features we have already implemented are the ability to add custom node and edge types easily, smooth zoom and pan behaviour as well as a minimap and control plugin.
For all features, examples and documentation you can visit the react-flow website or see the project on github. If you need help building something with react-flow we are looking forward to hearing from you!
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