Open Source
January 22, 2018

D3 Discovery

Tine Wiederer
Have you lost track of the many D3 plugins and libraries out there? Are you struggeling to find the right one for your project? Worry no more, help is on the way!

D3 Discovery to the rescue

As we know those problems all too well, we built a helpful application that lets you explore a growing list of D3 utilities:
The list of plugins is based on our Awesome D3 list. You have the possibility to search, sort and filter the plugin repositories by various parameters such as the number of stars and contributors, categories and license. With these little helpers, finding the plugin that fits your needs becomes fairly easy.
As the number of helpful D3 plugins and libraries is growing by the day, we need your held to keep the list up to date. If you find something missing, feel free to make a pull request in the Awesome D3 repository and add items to the list.
D3 Discovery is an open source project built with Vue.js. If you want to contribute and improve the tool, you can check out the GitHub repo.
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