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The Refugee Crisis through the eyes of Data Visualization

The refugee crisis is the ubiquitous topic in international media for the past months. Many news outlets have tried to support their coverage through data visualizations - resulting in some powerful interactives. This collection shows the projects that have been published so far.

The New York Times - “Closing the Back Door to Europe”

2015-09-15 Maps

Vox - “One chart that puts Europe’s response in perspective”

2015-09-15 Infographic

The Economist - “More neighbours make more fences”

2015-09-15 Map

Swissinfo - “Six graphs to understand the migration phenomenon”

2015-09-14 Steamgraph, Barchart, Bubblechart, Map

Berliner Morgenpost - “Aus welchen Ländern Flüchtlinge nach Berlin kommen”

2015-09-11 Charts

The New York Times - “The Scale of the Migrant Crisis”

2015-09-10 Infographic

Quartz - “Follow the flow of Syrian civilians from the Middle East to Western Europe”

2015-09-10 Map

The New York Times - “Seeking a Fair Distribution of Migrants in Europe”

2015-09-04 Map, Barchart, Bubblechart

Le Monde - “Comprendre la crise des migrants en Europe”

2015-09-04 Graphics Collection

SVT - “Refugee flows to the EU”

2015-09-03 Flowchart

WDR - “Flüchtlinge in NRW”

2015-09-01 Map

The New York Times - “Which Countries Are Under the Most Strain in the European Migration Crisis?”

2015-08-29 Map, Charts

The Guardian - “What do you call a person who moves to another country in search of a better life?”

2015-08-28 Interactive

Lemonde - “Morts aux frontières”

2015-08-28 Map

Economist - “Looking for a home”

2015-08-27 Map, Infographic

Zeit Online - “Hier wohnen Deutschlands Asylbewerber”

2015-08-20 Maps

Zeit Online - “Europa schiebt ab”

2015-08-07 Infographic

The New York Times - “The Flight of Refugees Around the Globe”

2015-06-20 Maps

The New York Times - “What’s Behind the Surge in Refugees Crossing the Mediterranean Sea”

2015-05-21 Maps, Charts

Zeit Online - “Wer steigt in die Flüchtlingsboote?”

2015-04-23 Chart

Zeit Online - “Ein gut bewachtes Massengrab”

2015-04-17 Chart, Maps, Infographic


Journalism++ - “Migrant Files”


Journalism++ - “Syria”